Thursday Class A: Machine Quilting with Walking Foot with Debby Lee

All quilting levels welcome!


It’s time to get that walking foot out of the ditch, take it for a drive and see what that baby can do!

Walking foot quilting is often limited to the ditch.  And viewed as the “lesser sister”!  Oh, my.  Poor baby.

But like any other quilting method, walking foot quilting requires practice.  The resulting quilting designs will be beautiful and complementary to the quilt!

We will  learn;  Lines.  Echoing.  Twigs.  Spiraling.  Triangle meander.  Chevron.  Channels.  Matchstick.  Shattered.  Crosshatch.  Diagonal crosshatch.  Wavy crosshatch.  Uneven crosshatch.   Radiating.  Single focus radiating.  Diamonds.  Boomerang.  Curves.  Decorative stitches. Curved Ribbons.  Echo curves.  Sectioned curves. Geometric.  Organic curves.  Four corner.  Multi focal.  Opposing corner.  Starburst.  Alternate focus.  Orange peel.

Check for all details such as specific supplies and pre-class preparations under the Class/Supply link.
Contact Info: 219-310-8751